Top 7 Best UPI Apps to Connect Your RuPay Credit Card To Connect

Best UPI Apps to Connect Your RuPay Credit Card To Connect

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Why UPI Apps Offer Better Rupay Card Experience?

  1. Google Pay
  2. PhonePe
  3. Amazon Pay
  4. Paytm
  5. BHIM
  6. Kiwi
  7. Axis Pay

Key Takeaways – Choosing Your Rupay Card’s Ideal UPI Partner

The UPI (Unified Payments Interface) payments revolution in India has been led by innovative apps that allow you to seamlessly connect your credit/debit cards. Choosing the right UPI app to link your Rupay card can optimize your payment experience.

With digital payments exploding in India, the space is crowded with feature-rich apps vying for your attention. This makes picking the best UPI partner for your Rupay card a challenging task. However, a wise selection that aligns with your payment needs can take your Rupay card’s potential to the next level.

I have compiled this guide to the top 7 best UPI apps to connect your Rupay Credit Card to, based on key parameters to simplify your decision.

Why UPI Apps Offer Better Rupay Card Experience?

Before jumping into the apps, it is important to understand why UPI apps unlock better value from your Rupay cards compared to just using it directly. Here are some key advantages:

  • Seamless Transactions: UPI apps allow smooth onboarding and integration with your Rupay card. Once linked, you can make payments directly from the app without entering cumbersome card details repeatedly.
  • Rewards: Few UPI apps offer additional cashbacks, discounts or loyalty points when you use your Rupay card through their platform. This stacking of your card’s innate benefits with the app’s rewards program maximizes savings.
  • Secure Payments: UPI apps employ advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication and other security protocols to safeguard your money. This provides peace of mind against frauds.

With these advantages covered, let me walk you through my top 7 recommendations of UPI apps to link your Rupay card to.

1. Google Pay

As India’s one of the most popular UPI platform, Google Pay makes for the ideal benchmark to assess other apps. It sets the gold standard across parameters like user experience, transaction success rates and adoption among merchants.

For Rupay cardholders, Google Pay offers a smooth onboarding journey. Features like tokenized cards and one-click payments eliminate the need to enter card details repeatedly. Bill splitting, online recharges, and open APIs for third-party integrations provide a seamless experience.


  • Intuitive UI with options to personalize flow
  • Good transaction success rates in the industry
  • Wide ecosystem support across merchants, billers etc


  • A fewer rewards are offered as compared to rivals

Google Pay is my go-to recommendation for Rupay users seeking a fuss-free UPI platform for daily transactions. Its rock-solid performance and wide adoption make it a safe bet.

2. PhonePe

As a super app, PhonePe combines a stellar UPI platform with a wide range of financial services.

Beyond UPI, PhonePe offers an array of services ranging from gold buying to insurance to mutual funds. The interface seamlessly combines simplicity with depth, cushioning users from feature overload.


  • Sleek and intuitive interface
  • Attractive rewards program such as coupon codes / cashback points


  • Refunds: Some say it’s difficult to get money back from the wallet.
  • Mobile recharges: Some say PhonePe has an extra fee for mobile recharges.

For me, Phonepe strikes the optimal balance between convenience and rewards. With safety and innovation as guiding principles, it makes transactions rewarding.

3. Amazon Pay

My affinity for online shopping is no secret. As an Amazon loyalist, Amazon Pay is a natural fit to link my Rupay card with.

Amazon Pay offers deep integration with Amazon shopping. For deals like Prime Day or festive sales, using Amazon Pay via UPI provides the fastest checkout experience.

Beyond faster checkouts, Amazon Pay also runs attractive cashback campaigns. I earned over ₹2000 in rewards last year by using Amazon Pay UPI during my shopping sprees.

Occasional users may find Amazon Pay limiting. But if you shop frequently on Amazon, the optimization will delight you.


  • Lightning-fast checkout on Amazon
  • Lucrative cashback offers & rewards
  • Smooth auto debit for monthly Prime membership
  • Additional benefits for Prime customers


  • Badge of loyalty for Amazon may irritate other retailers
  • Limited utility beyond Amazon ecosystem

For loyal Amazon patrons, Amazon Pay is an essential UPI app that takes the shopping experience to the next level. The cashbacks and accelerated checkouts add up over time to significant savings.

4. Paytm

While Google Pay and PhonePe dominate digitally, Paytm has cultivated a strong presence at physical merchant outlets. Cab drivers, food stalls, corner shops – Paytm’s ubiquity is unmatched.

As a Paytm user, I can pay via my linked Rupay Card at millions of shops. The QR code is scanned, and payment happens directly from the bank account, bringing the ease of UPI to the real world.

Beyond offline payments, Paytm also lets you pay bills, recharge phones and more using your Rupay card. The wide scope combined with nationwide acceptance makes Paytm a versatile partner for Rupay.


  • Its a one stop solution for – mobile recharge, Electricity, Gas Bill payments, book flights, bus, railway tickets etc
  • It offers discounts and cashbacks on the above listed services.
  • You sometimes get cashback simply for adding money to your PayTM wallet.


  • Interface less refined compared to Google Pay, PhonePe
  • Limit of only one Rupay card can be linked

With a presence unmatched by any other, Paytm is the UPI app that brings Rupay firmly into the physical world. For folks still transitioning from cash, Paytm provides the ideal bridge thanks to its ubiquity.


BHIM was one of the earliest UPI apps, launched by the government. Even today, the NPCI-backed app remains a benchmark for no-frills digital transactions.

As a UPI platform, BHIM focuses purely on enabling connections to your bank account and facilitating transactions. There are no distractions like mutual funds or gold offerings.

For Rupay users seeking a straightforward UPI rail, BHIM fits the bill. It eschews glitz for go-to performance day after day.


  • Created by NPCI, so very reliable
  • Clean and ad-free interface
  • Rock-solid performance with good success rates


  • No rewards or cashbacks
  • Funssssssssctional design less slick than private apps

While more features get added regularly, BHIM retains its essence of simplicity and dependability. For Rupay users frustrated with buggy apps, BHIM provides satisfactory basics.

6. Kiwi

Kiwi has some wonderful rewards for it users by offering attractive cashbacks known as kiwis, especially for new users. The cleaner & simpler user-friendly interface is pleasing.

For Rupay users open to experimentation, Kiwi provides solid cashback value. Just be prepared for occasional hiccups.


  • Lucrative joining cashbacks & rewards
  • Seamless recharges and bill payments
  • Add money via Rupay conveniently


  • No additional service like insurance & gold etc

Kiwi’s cashback allure wearing off over time is a risk. But the startup mindset instills innovation, making it worth a shot.

7. Axis Pay

For Axis Bank customers like myself, Axis Pay offers deeper integration with my Rupay account.

Being able to access all Axis Bank features within Axis Pay provides comfort. The specialized customer support and ability to raise instant disputes is convenient.

As a payments app, Axis Pay checks all the boxes in terms of visual interface and transaction success rates. But the true advantage lies in tighter banking integration.


  • Tight integration for Axis Bank customers
  • Personalized support and instant dispute resolution
  • Secure payments architecture
  • Cashbacks on transactions via offers


  • Limited adoption makes money transfers patchy

For Axis Bank patrons, Axis Pay offers the advantage of a specialized platform that complements the core banking experience. The security promise also resonates. But expanding usage remains key.

Key Takeaways – Choosing Your Rupay Card’s Ideal UPI Partner

Based on my trials with top contenders, here are some concluding tips on choosing the right UPI platform for your Rupay card:

  • Align app choice with your payment behaviour. Someone transacting mainly on Amazon needs a different app compared to a roadside vendor.
  • Evaluate rewards rationally. Joining offers may not sustain forever. Choose apps with lasting cashback potential.
  • Convenience is king. An app with a seamless interface, reliable performance and fast redressal mechanism guarantees long-term usage.
  • Adoption matters. UPI is a network-driven innovation. Apps with momentum among users and merchants ensure money transfers always go through.

Rupay Cards already pack a punch thanks to zero joining fees, attractive rewards and RuPay exclusives. Linking them to the right UPI app accentuates the benefits of digitization.

This guide to the top 7 UPI apps provides clarity in choosing your Rupay companion. Spend some time assessing options aligned with your payment behaviour.

While UPI disruption will continue, picking a future-ready app that delivers convenience, security and rewards will ensure you stay ahead of the curve. Happy payments!